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Trancoso, like much of the southern coast of Bahia, has a geography marked by cliffs and plateaus very close to the coast, beaches with reefs, and coconut trees growing on the clear sand. Similar in style, although as a much smaller village, than neighboring Arraial d'Ajuda, Trancoso stands out as a destination that offers tranquility and good lodging and gastronomic options.

Trancoso is located on the so-called discovery coast, in the south of the state of Bahia and only 30 kilometers from Porto Seguro, which is its main access airport.

The beaches extend from the border with Taípe beach in Arraial d'Ajuda until almost reaching Caraíva, passing by the famous Praia do Espelho. The most accessible from the village of Trancoso are the ones that go from Rio da Barra beach (north of the village) to Itapororoca.

Trancoso's best known beaches

Trancoso Beaches

Rio da Barra Beach
Beach from which begins to change the landscape that dominates from the southern beaches of Arraial d'Ajuda, between Pitinga and Taípe the colorful cliffs along the sea are the norm, from Rio da Barra begin the beaches of Trancoso, the quiet beach is calm or waves depending on the tide, and has a river that runs parallel to the sea until it flows creating a beautiful landscape, care should be taken when taking baths at high tide, as the ground in several areas of the beach drops very steeply.
Nativos Beach
Beach closest to the center of Trancoso, accessed from a road that goes north of the Cuadrado, has several beach bars / restaurants side by side as is customary in the most popular parts of the region's beaches, going south it becomes more secluded, many coconut trees behind the fences of private farms.
Espelho Beach
Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, its access is by a road that usually becomes impassable when it rains a lot, the beach is very close to the private condominium "Outeiro das Brisas", it has cliffs and also everything we like in a beach in the northeast of Brazil: reefs, coconut trees, natural pools, white sand and blue sea.


How to get there

Trancoso is located in the state of Bahia, Brazil. To get there, you will take a plane to Porto Seguro International Airport, about an hour's drive away. The scenic trip includes a river crossing by ferry.

Another viable option is to rent a car for the trip.General Information: Take the ferry to Arraial d'Ajuda in Porto Seguro, go 40 km on paved road or 20 km (with 12 km on dirt road). Or take the BR101 towards Eunápolis, after 30 km there is an indication to Trancoso on the left - 50 minutes on paved road.

For those who fly private, Trancoso has a private airport as well as a heliport located in the Terravista Complex, approximately 5 kilometers from our Villas.

Terravista Airport

Administration Phone: + 55 (73) 9 9198 0533

AIS Phone: + 55 (73) 9 9198 0763